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A Change Well Worth the Wait

Last week I was pretty certain I had died during the move from Dallas to the country.  The only thing that convinced me I wasn’t in heaven was that I could feel every  muscle in my body ache.  I think I’ve mentioned before, anyone who moves at my age should have their head examined.  Now, a week later, the other side of the move is looking much better.

So far, I’ll admit — country life is special.  There’s no time clocks, it’s quiet, serene, no traffic, and the stars are brighter than in the city.  Everyone is friendly as you’re met with a strong handshake and a quick grin.  People are neighborly and not shackled by fences.  We have visitors drop by all the time, checking on us, offering to help with whatever’s needed. In less than a week we’ve been invited to nearly every church in town.  Even before I had the last box unpacked I was invited to be part of a local ministry.

We went to the big city this week, just for the day, but couldn’t wait to get back “home.”  Many of my friends have commented that I’m silly for moving from “city civilization.”  Now they have a right to their opinion, but as I see it, it doesn’t matter how many people  are around and “stuff” to do, you can still feel alone and lonely in the most populated areas.  How many nights have I driven home in the city, open the garage door, locked the house doors, and never seen or spoken to a soul?

It doesn’t matter the geography, I can still meet and get to know people regardless of where I am, become a positive influence on them, be active in ministry, and be a pro-life voice in the woods of East Texas as well as any part of the world. I know for sure God is stretching me and it’s feeling pretty darn good right now.

You’ll hear from me soon … happy trails!


Isaiah 40:31            but those who hope in the Lord, will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

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