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In the ‘70’s there was a young man of 15 from New York living the wild life on the streets by day and playing hard rock with his band at night.  He was saturated in the hippie culture, so to maintain his “high” he thought nothing of shooting heroin and other drugs daily.  To maintain his habit, he would break into houses for his fix money.  His name is Michael Brown.

Two of his fellow band members began attending church services.  Although Michael was Jewish and raised practicing Jewish customs, he attended church with his friends one night for the purpose of taking his friends out of the church and back onto the streets with him.  The band was Michael’s life … he would do anything to preserve the band.

Then something happened to Michael.  He began attending the church services more and more.  Prayers from church members on behalf of Michael were working … he was becoming miserable with his lifestyle and yearned for something more.  In November 1971, Michael Brown responded to an altar call to receive Jesus as Lord of his life.

For weeks he was unwilling to change, waffling back and forth from drugs to church.  One night, however, he listened to that “still small voice” and knew he had to get out of the mud he had been wallowing in, never to put a needle in his arm again.  That night Michael Brown, age 17, had been set free.  Through prayer, reading and Scripture memorization, he began to sense a calling.

Today, Dr. Michael Brown is a leading voice with respect to moral, cultural, and spiritual issues of the day.  He reaches millions through his writings and radio show.  He is President of Fellowship for International Revival and Evangelism in Concord, North Carolina, and its school.  He travels extensively preaching and debates fellow Jews concerning Jesus as the Messiah.  I’ve admired Dr. Brown’s work since I learned of it.

“Everything for me boils down to one revolutionary burden,” Dr. Brown explains.  “Jesus changes us. And we go change the world.”

Now that’s the kind of change you can believe in.


2 Corinthians 5:17    Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”



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