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This is dedicated to the dearest friend anyone could hope for.


It’s hard for someone my age to grasp new concepts – it takes longer and takes a lot more effort.  I don’t understand Instagram at all, but I really like to text (whatever can save me time).  When my grandkids come to visit, they sit patiently teaching me text language abbreviations (even writing out a list for me to follow):  LOL (laugh out loud), ROFL (roll on the floor laughing), LMK (let me know), ILY (I love you), YOLO (you only live once), SMH (shaking my head), NVM (never mind), IKR (I know, right), OFC (of course), and my favorite is BFF (best friends forever).  (No one is ever too old to follow a cheat sheet!)

I have a BFF.  Even though distance is shared between us, she’s always there for me by phone or text.  It takes a special person to be a friend and my BFF is just that – special.

A recent day trip gave me time to spend with my “compadre.”   We talked for hours about everything under the moon.  What I love most is that when either of us are hurting, the other instinctively knows the pain felt.  When advice is needed, it is offered.  Always an encouraging word … always a listening ear.

Sometimes my friend is the iron I need to sharpen me.  When she thinks I’m wrong, she’ll tell me.  She offers Kleenex when we’re laughing too much and a shoulder when I’m sobbing. No matter the distance, nothing changes the love and care real friends have for one another.

We each share our deepest thoughts and open up vulnerabilities to each other.  No judgment … always love and acceptance.

What my BFF has taught me is that I need to be a BFF, too . . . it can’t be one-sided . . . which can start by reaching out and letting someone you know you’re thinking of them and appreciate their being in your life.

Special note to my BFF – keep laughing, keep singing in the choir, and always know that I love you!

“God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with.” – Billy Graham



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