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I remember seeing the first cell phone decades ago. I thought to myself, “how on earth does that work without a cord?”  Then computers were developed, then laptops, then iPads, and the list goes on and on. One thing I was fascinated with was GPS guidance on my own phone.  Goodbye to my Mapsco!

No more paper maps or asking for directions. GPS works pretty darn well … until it doesn’t.  Yesterday I was late to an appointment when two different mapping services on my phone told me to go around in a circle, in opposite directions, when my appointment was actually a block away. Talk about frustration!

As I was driving back from my appointment, I thought about the directions I receive and follow. For sure, I listened to my parents (most of the time), to my teachers (most of the time), to my friends (probably too much when I was younger), and of course to my husband.

I didn’t follow God’s directions until the storms of life had knocked me to my knees. At first I regretted the many years I had wasted on trivial things. Then I began to realize that was the story He had given me and allows me to share. No matter when a person comes to that realization, God can and does work wonders through believers who yield to His following.

Like a spiritual GPS, God will never misguide us. It’s simple really … using this acronym:

G – Get in His Word.  You have to read His instruction manual. Everything we need is already there in God’s road map for life, working perfectly as long as we follow His roadmap.

P – Pray and ask God for direction.  The Bible says that if we search for God we’ll find Him. Just as I told my son exactly what I wanted him to do when he was little, God doesn’t hold back on letting us know His desires and plans for our lives.

S – Stay close to Him. We should listen to Him to know what He wants us to do. When we stay close to God, we can hear His whispers, and we can feel His presence.

In scriptures we learn how shepherd boy, then king, David, knew all about listening to God. Though he was imperfect like the rest of us, David had a deep relationship with his Heavenly Father. He says in Psalm 32:8, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go.

Now THAT’s the kind of GPS I certainly need!

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