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Isn’t it funny how we envision our life when we are young?  I envisioned suburbia, sleek foreign convertible, jet-setting to vacation spots.  In reality I live on a farm, lots of land, sprinkled with cows, geese, and two Great Pyrenees puppies (mini-horses) – Scooter and Teeny (Houdini, because she can escape anywhere).  I remember when we met Scooter and Teeny — each of them – two different times —  two different locations – but the cutest white fur-balls with big black eyes that melt your heart.  (All my friends tell me that when they come back they want to come back as Debby’s dog(s).  OK, I admit it, I may have gone a bit overboard.  I think every dog should have their own dog house with their names on it and a kiddy pool.)

The pups have taught me so much about unconditional love.  All day, every day, they greet me with wagging tails and eager faces just because they love me.  They are protective of their “mommy” and surroundings.  They delight in the simplest pleasures (in no particular order) – water, dirt, mud, bones, varmints.  They show off their prize “catches” as if to say, “look what I did today, mommy.” They are now a permanent fixture to our extended family.

Through them, every day I learn lessons about the circle of life and God’s creation.  I understand better today how much God loves me, not only through my family (hubby, kids and grandkids), but through the love I have for my farm family.  I have a renewed desire to care for my fellow man, the most vulnerable among us, especially ones subjected to abuse of any kind.

It says in scripture that God created and cares for all of His creation, even the smallest ones.  If the God of the universe can love and care for a tiny sparrow, oh how much love He must have for us!

Matthew 10:31              “So do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.”


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