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Mother’s Day is fast approaching … a time to honor mothers who are still with us, remember those who are not, and celebrate the mothers who are yet to be.  Living on a farm, I often observe life from a different perspective.  Let me share what happened recently.

I was awakened one morning by all three of our dogs barking wildly.  I found them guarding our neighbor’s pregnant cow in the midst of a very difficult birth.  Sadly, the calf died and the mother cow, after hours of labor, was unable to stand.  It took three adults, three dogs, and one vet to help this little farm family.

Our neighbor found an orphan (bottle) calf in a nearby community and then made introductions to its new momma.  The bull stood on the sidelines as this drama played out.  The three bovines are still getting used to each other, but the calf is running and kicking, the momma cow is walking and eating, and the bull … well, he’s just being a bull.

What happened here reminds me that Mother’s Day is a time to honor all mothers … those who gave birth to us, those who adopted us, those who raise their grandchildren.  I honor the foster mothers who intercede by providing a stable home in the midst of domestic turmoil.  I honor the mothers whose children are in heaven.  Motherhood is all about love from the heart … not DNA.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”  I totally agree.  I celebrate motherhood every single day.  What do you say?


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