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Summer is upon us with lots of grandkids, lots of animals, lots of heat, and, as always, my inclination to always go overboard.  Whoever said grandkids are the best because you can love ‘em, spoil ‘em, then send them home was right … but the rest of the story is my tendency (and probably many of you) to eat too much, stay up too late, exercise more than you’re used to, and do everything in excess.  Too much of a good (any)thing can’t be good for a person!

I guess I did pretty well, all in all, only gaining three pounds, and only sleeping 18 hours straight to make up for deficiency.  Last week was a good reminder to pace myself.  I should have learned my lesson 20 years ago when I went on a 20-mile March of Dimes Walk-A-Thon.

My son and I signed up to walk two laps around White Rock Lake in Dallas.  Everyone asked if I had been training for the walk, and of course I said yes.  However, I kept putting off any and all training until it was too late.  The big day came, we showed up, then started walking.

Little by little I started lagging behind the rest of the crowd.  My son kept coming back asking if I was OK, but I assured him I could make it.  I managed to make it around one lap, then headed back for the second.

About 5 hours into it, I started to freeze.  My legs felt like tons of lead.  Then I sat down … and didn’t move.  That was a big mistake!

By the time the event finished, three people had to help me up and practically drag me to the bus.  How they got me on the bus I can’t remember, but I’m sure it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Then we got to our car to drive home – but my legs wouldn’t bend so I had to move the driver’s seat all the way back.  Believe me when I say this — it was God who got us home – not me.

Some people think if something is good, then more of anything good should be better. Well, not exactly. Too much or too little of anything can both be big problems. Balance and moderation is the key to good living.  Thank you, God, for creating the idea and setting the example of balance for our lives.


Philippians 4:5            “Let your moderation be known unto all men.“


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