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If there ever was a time for all citizens to make a stand for life, it is NOW.  After four attempts, Congress has blocked legislation which would protect children born alive after an abortion.  Prayerfully consider what steps you can make TODAY.


It’s been said that the safest place for a baby is its mother’s womb.  But in America can we still say that? Today we have states passing late term abortion laws pushing death to the extremes to the point of infanticide.  This makes me sick to my stomach and mad as hell.  Where will it stop?  How can we call ourselves a civilized society when we murder our most innocent?

I’ve been pro-life, pro-family and pro-woman for many years.  For decades a battle has been fought to protect the innocent and caring for mothers in crisis. The women who face a crisis pregnancy believe they have no other alternative and easily fall prey to the quick solution to terminate their pregnancy.  These women need our love and support.  You see, I understand … I’ve been there … I was in a crisis pregnancy having no one to turn to.  Sadly, I chose abortion … and I have lived to regret that decision every day since.

To avoid judgment from others I paid lip-service in support of abortion for a decade.  Then I learned the truth about life – it’s miraculous and God-breathed.  Science and technology confirmed to me what I already knew.  I take all phases of life seriously, from the womb to the tomb.

Mother Theresa once said, “A nation that kills its own in the womb has lost its soul.”  Mother Theresa was right … for decades since abortion on demand became the law of this land, America has lost its soul.  But I believe working together we can turn this nation’s culture of death around to a culture of life — it won’t be easy.

There has been a lot of talk recently about late term abortions … this is the murder of a baby able to live outside the womb up to the point of birth.  I won’t describe the medical procedure because it’s too gruesome.  As of now the State of New York has passed legislation for late term abortions, and have moved abortion procedures from the criminal to public health law.  Now six other states are joining in with late term abortion legislation with more to follow. I’m asking myself how this could be happening.  You may be asking yourself the same thing.

With the passage of the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that abortion on demand was legal in this country.  Passage of the law was based on the fact that it would be safe and rare and only performed up to a certain point of gestation.  The law was written presuming the fetus (baby) must be viable (live on its own) to have personhood.  What started out as safe and rare are now one of the most common medical procedures performed in this country with over 3,000 abortions performed every single day, more than the number of people killed on 9/11.

In the ‘70’s, abortion supporters claimed legalizing abortion would produce only children who were wanted and loved and that child abuse would cease to exist.  But the opposite occurred.  Statistics show incidents of child abuse rose to over 500% since the late 1970’s.  Abortion creates many life-threatening problems for mothers, fathers, and the entire family … among them are depression, leading to suicide, drug and alcohol addiction.  The emotional and psychological pain that comes with abortion can be so overwhelming, people will go to any lengths to numb that pain.  Grief is denied those who have had an abortion.

Today many states are in a rush to codify (put into permanent law) their state’s abortion laws in the event  Roe v. Wade is overturned.  Whether or not that happens, abortion will not be eliminated. In 21 states, abortion is secure and access probably will not be restricted if Roe is overturned … these are the states whose abortion laws are being codified.  Then there are 22 other states which have some legal restrictions that would make abortion virtually illegal if Roe is overturned … these are the states where pro-abortion activists are focusing their change laws to the extreme.

We need a heart change in this country.  People need to recognize where life begins and believe a fetus is a human life. We cannot rely on someone else, like the Supreme Court, to erase abortion. That responsibility lies with us. Until everyone, you and me, all ages, all political leanings, from every geographic location, boldly stand for our unborn, we will continue to see expansions of abortion rights through judicial activism aimed at altering state laws.

To make your stand for life, consider these points:

  1. It’s not enough just to say you’re pro-life. Make your actions speak louder than words.
  2. Do your homework. Don’t be swayed by opinions or politics.  Find out the truth about life issues from experts.
  3. Get involved with life advocating organizations on a national and state level. They need your support and boots on the ground.  There are groups for all ages.
  4. Strong pro-life legislators need to be elected in every community, state and federal position. Check them out, elect them, then hold them accountable.
  5. Work with churches in your community to create ways to support life.
  6. Ask your pastor to speak from the pulpit about life issues.
  7. Embrace and support the one in three women (and men) in your midst who have had an abortion in their past through an abortion recovery group. They need love, not judgment.
  8. Volunteer at a local crisis pregnancy center. You’ll be saving babies from abortion, and saving families, too.
  9. Support organizations that advocate adoption.

Abortion has been touted as America’s Holocaust.  We stare at horrible pictures of death with mouths gaping wondering, “How in the world is this kind of inhumanity possible?” We convince ourselves that we would never do such a thing. We would be different. We would say something. We would fight back.  Yet how many of us turn away from discussions about abortion, turn to another channel, or convince ourselves this can’t be happening in America?  Throughout history, evil prevails when good men and women do nothing.

Frank Stephens, an American disability advocate, actor and athlete, who has Downs Syndrome, once said:  “I don’t want to make abortion illegal … I want a world where abortion is unthinkable.”  That’s a lot of wisdom from someone who, if born elsewhere could have easily been aborted.

From the moment of conception, a baby is wonderfully made in the image of God with its own DNA.  Within days organs, a nervous system and circulatory system begin forming.  Within weeks, that baby is living and breathing … hiccupping, sucking its thumb, responding to stimuli, laughing and smiling.  Babies have a right to life.

I want to make abortion unthinkable – will you join me in this fight?


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