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Today my husband and I celebrate 30 years of marriage.  Therefore, today is a perfect day to discuss how you see your cup — half full or half empty.

Over the last 30 years hubby and I have experienced financial loss, death of loved ones, loss of jobs, health problems, struggles to make ends meet, questions about our faith, and that’s just getting started.  Everyone on the face of this planet faces trials along their life.  But our perception of situations can either lead to depression or joy.

I read a story once about two salesmen who were sent to an emerging country to sell shoes. One sent a fax back to the home office: “Send me a ticket home. NOBODY here wears shoes!”

The other sent this fax to the home office: “Nobody wears shoes over here! EVERYBODY is a prospect for our products! Send me more shoes, more samples, more order blanks and some more help!”

For the first salesman, it appeared the glass is half full: loved ones suffer from sickness and disease, marriages sometimes end in divorce, jobs are lost, people we trust let us down. But for the second salesman, he saw the tremendous opportunity and had hope.

We have hope as Believers. God is in the process of making all things new. And even in the middle of the worst life experiences, He’s reminding us, whispering to our hearts, that He’s with us in our pain and suffering. The sun will shine again, healing will come, and hope can never be extinguished. We are more than overcomers through Him!

How are you looking at that cup – half full, half empty, or overflowing?


Phillippians 4:6                 “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

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