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That’s what Stephen Williford said repeatedly after he and another member of the Sutherland Springs, Texas community intervened to stop an attacker after brutally killing 26 members of the First Baptist Church.  But Stephen, visibly shaken as he spoke to police after the attack, wasn’t shaking as he willingly stepped into harm’s way to save others last Sunday.  That’s what heroes do … willingly, without thought of self, step into impossible circumstances for friends and strangers alike, all with a peace that passes all understanding.

When Williford’s daughter alerted him about shots fired at the First Baptist Church, he immediately reached for his rifle as he rushed out the door and sprinted barefoot to the church.  He stopped the shooter in his tracks, undoubtedly saving those still living inside the church.  That’s when Williford and another neighbor chased the attacker at high speeds finally ending in a field outside of town where the attacker took his own life.

I don’t know for certain, but I imagine Stephen Williford awoke last Sunday morning never knowing what would transpire that day.  That’s what happens with heroes.  Like all veterans and first responders, they stand in the gap for us every day.  These heroes are ordinary men and women used in an extraordinary way by a mighty God.  At exactly the right moment He gives these heroes the peace and grace to do the impossible.

I thank God for people like Stephen Williford, our veterans, and our first responders.  I hope you feel the same.


John 5:13             “ There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

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