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Can one person make a difference?  Absolutely!  I’m a firm believer in the power of one to affect change in a person’s life … to start a movement … or support the passage of legislation for the betterment of all.  In this day and age we hear a lot about someone speaking up to bring specific focus to crimes perpetrated in years gone by, ultimately righting wrongs.  Much good can come out of a person’s story shared for the betterment of others.

Most of you know I love stories.  Naturally analytical, I love to hear how God fits the pieces together in our lives.  Here’s what I’m talking about. Edward Kimball was a Sunday school teacher who not only prayed for his group of rowdy boys in his Sunday school class in the early years of this century, but also sought to win each one over to the Lord.  One of his boys, in particular, didn’t seem to understand what the Gospel was about, so Kimball went to the shoe store where one of his “rowdies” was stocking shelves and confronted him in the stock room with the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That young man was Dwight L. Moody.  Moody would become an evangelist reaching two continents for God. The story continues.

There was another man working under Moody named Wilbur Chapman.  Chapman later became an evangelist preaching to thousands. One day at one of his revivals, a professional ball player had a day off and attended one of Chapman’s revival meetings.  That ball player was Billy Sunday.  The story doesn’t end here.

Sunday quit baseball and became part of Chapman’s evangelistic team. Over time, Billy Sunday held his own crusades.  One of the converts at a Billy Sunday revival was Mordecai Ham.  And then …

When Mordecai Ham came to Charlotte, North Carolina, a sandy-haired, lanky young man in high school vowed that he would never set foot to hear Mordecai preach.  But his friends were going, so Billy Frank, as he was called by his family, went, too.

Billy was intrigued by what he heard, so he went another night, responded to the invitation, and was converted. Billy Frank, known as Billy Graham, would preach to more people than any other person who ever lived over the next sixty years.

It all started with one Sunday school teacher’s love for his boys. And so it is with the influence of a single person sharing a story.  That’s the power of one.

John 9:25        “One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.”

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