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A couple of years ago, I surprised my husband with a special birthday present.  It was something he had talked about his whole life and something on his bucket list – skydiving!  I took him to the airport to meet his instructor, get his “training,” and get suited up.  He was as excited as a three-year-old seeing Santa for the first time.  Once the “training” was over, we drove to the runway so he could board the little Cessna. The plane took off, and, with binoculars in hand, I started searching the skies.

 About 15 minutes later, I saw a tiny parachute gently floating to the ground.  Yes, he and his instructor were still strapped together (thank goodness), and they landed with a slight thud. The smile on his face was indescribable. I asked him if everything went well, to which he replied, “That first step was a doozy!”  Well, I bet it was.

First steps for any new life changes can be a doozy. I can attest to this after my recent switch from a meat-lover diet to a vegan lifestyle. That first few days were rough, but with each day, it got better and easier. 

 Same with any change. It’s important to have a new beginning, a fresh start.  It’s very much like my faith walk, a walk from a life of chaos to wholeness, one step at a time. 

That first step toward Jesus is a big one — giving up control — stepping away from a past toward a new life in Christ.  It can be the difference between taking that first step or staying on your couch all day browsing Facebook.  God provides you with the strength to believe in yourself, allowing you to stand up and do what’s right when everyone else wants you to remain silent. 

It’s important to have faith in difficult times because it can help you find the courage you need to keep going. Whatever it is, faith is an important tool that we can use to make a difference in the world. Take time to pray about what the first step is in your life toward following God’s will.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said,Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”


Debby Efurd is co-founder of Cary John Efurd Ministries. Learn more about the ministry by liking our Facebook page ( and downloading our FREE mobile app ( from App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, allow notifications to keep you up to date on what’s happening in Cary John Efurd Ministries. Debby can be contacted at



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