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impact of your storyI have a short list of ministry leaders I like and follow.  One of them is Greg Laurie of Harvest Ministries.  I believe he is (or if not, will be) the evangelist of America and the world.  Greg jumped to the top of my list recently when he wrote his devotional, “Stories Are Important.”  He wrote, “If you are a Christian, you have a story to tell.  Some stories are more radical than others, but every testimony is significant.  Why?  Because your story points to God’s story.”  Sound familiar?

I’ve been saying this since Go Tell It! was published.  Every story is unique and touches the listener in profound ways.  God is in the business of rewriting the endings to our stories and the business of changing lives.

Michael Dinsmore, a former prisoner and relatively new Christian, was asked to give his testimony in a prison. After he spoke, some inmates came to him and said, “This is the most exciting meeting we’ve ever been to!” Michael was amazed that God could use his simple story.

Yet that’s exactly what God does … he uses your story, with all the good, bad and ugly of it, to give hope and encouragement to the listener.

When God moves in our lives, we have an opportunity to not only thank Him for His provision, but to share our story with others. In Psalm 78, the Bible shows the importance of sharing our stories with the next generation.

Have you shared your story lately?


Psalm 78:1-5               Listen, my people, to my instruction.
Hear the words of my mouth.
I will tell a parable,
speaking riddles from long ago—
things that we have heard and known
and that our ancestors related to us.
We will not withhold them from their descendants;
we’ll declare to the next generation the praises of the Lord—
his might and awesome deeds that he has performed.


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