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I was out of state this year celebrating Father’s Day with three of my favorite men – husband and two sons (with families).  I saw how each man played a role in my life in helping to shape who I am as a woman, wife, mother.  While traveling back home, I realized I couldn’t limit this message to just a few of my family members, but to each man who played a part in my life.

Daddy – He was and always will be my hero.  He was my protector and loved me unconditionally while gently giving me correction.  He went to heaven in 1994 and I continue to miss him.  I want to make him proud.

Grandfather – “Ninny” was not my biological grandfather, but doted on me constantly, bringing me little “surprises” each day when he returned from work.  A quiet man by nature, but always willing to take my sugar pills from “Nurse Debby.”

Uncle – Uncle “T” loved to fish and helped me win local fishing rodeos by baiting and “unhooking” the fish once catched.  I definitely did not want to touch those fish!

Brother – Jack was my teenage idol.  He taught me how boys should treat girls.  He once stormed out of the house when someone honked for me, only to find out it was a girlfriend.

Hubby – He is my best friend and confidant.  He loves me just like I am and is smart enough to speak kindly when I ask him how I look.

Son – He is a wonderful son, husband and father who loves his own family so very much.  In my lowest moments he has always exhibited grace and mercy to me.

Stepson – Though not a blood relative, he is loving, caring, and nurturing.  I enjoy his company and admire what he’s achieved by making family first.

Son-in-Law – So unique and gifted and as patient as can be.  He’s smart, funny and devoted to his family.

Time won’t permit extending to cousins and nephews, but suffice it to say, each man in my life has helped shape me to become who I am today.  Their love and continued grace keeps me going – and that’s the same thing Jesus does!


“A good father is one of the most unsung, unspoken, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets to our society.” (Billy Graham)


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