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In the time it takes for you to read this post, there is a woman anxiously awaiting confirmation of what she’s suspected for months.  She announces the news to her spouse, whose eyes open wide with amazement, followed closely with laughter and tears, followed by lots of questions.  Within months, their world as they know it will change when their tiny package arrives.  They’re having a baby.

Babies change everything.  When I first held my son, I counted his fingers and toes, and said, “Hi, I’m your mama.”  From that point on, he was my world.  I was his protector, and I found satisfaction in seeing him explore the world.  The same could be said for a friend of mine, whom I’ll call Paula.

Paula and I had worked together for years.  A few  years ago she had resigned herself to the fact that she would never have children, but wanted one last confirmation from the doctor.  After the exam, she entered the doctor’s office, ready for him to confirm her deepest fears, and asked, “Well? It’s true isn’t it?”  The doctor said, “Sit down. Take it easy.  Paula, you’re having a baby.”  It’s a good thing she was sitting down, because her knees weakened, her eyes widened, as she said, “Doc, don’t joke with me.”  From that point on, her life was not the same.

Within a few months, Paula and hubby had the cutest little girl with more hair than you’ve ever seen.  Their world revolved around a tiny package. Their  priorities changed.  Time was now spent on nurturing and growing a tiny mind and body – not an easy task, but one that takes consistent commitment and love.  Yes, babies change everything.

God is love and God loves babies.  I guess that’s why He sent His own Son to this world as a tiny package.

Psalm 127:3                “Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.”

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