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When You Least Expect It | article by Debby Efurd

Last week we heard from a former client, a dear person we hadn’t heard from in years.  The call was unexpected and brought answers to questions and needs we had.  Hubby and I scratched our heads wondering, “how on earth??” Then we immediately realized it was an answer to a very real need and it was coming when we least expected it – straight from Heaven above.

I don’t know why we were even scratching our heads.  It’s beyond human comprehension.  Time and again in our lives God has shown up when we least expected it to pay off a debt we couldn’t pay, give us a job we needed, brought us a car we couldn’t afford, gave us peace when the doctor said it was cancer. It was always done in perfect timing and fulfilled all our needs over and above our wildest dreams. Is it human nature that makes us forget so easily?

This week I read the following about a similar situation that happened to Corrie Ten Boom (Christian writer, speaker, and holocaust survivor):

I was at the end of my first week in America and practically at the end of my money.  The clerk at the YMCA had told me I could not stay there another week.  Where should she forward my mail?  “I don’t know yet. God has a room for me but He has not told me where yet.” I could see by the look on her face that she was concerned about me.  Then she handed me a piece of mail which she had overlooked.  The letter was from a woman who heard me speak in New York.  She was offering me the use of her son’s room. I gave the amazed clerk my new address after thanking God for His care.”

Just like the manna God provided to the wandering Jews in the exodus from Egypt; just like when Joseph was saved after being sold into slavery to provide for his family and a nation; just like Saul when he was on the road to Damascus; and just like the countless times so many of us have been rescued from hopelessness, God shows up when you least expect it at exactly the right time.

Philippians 4:19 says, “But my God shall supply all your needs.”  Yes, He does … every time and all the time, in perfect time.  

Thank You, Lord, that we may know that our need is never greater than the Helper. 

Debby Efurd is co-founder of Cary John Efurd Ministries of Pittsburg, TX. She has been a contributor to Bound for Life and written numerous articles published in LifeNews, Christian Post and the Baptist Standard, and is the author of Go Tell It!  Learn more about Cary John Efurd Ministries by liking our Facebook page ( and downloading our FREE mobile app ( from App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, allow notifications to keep you up to date on what’s happening in Cary John Efurd Ministries. Debby can be contacted at Feel free to comment on her blog, The Second Mile, at .

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