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Last week I was trucking down a back road (admittedly with my foot heavy on the metal), admiring farmhouses on the right and left of the road, when I suddenly saw a squirrel run directly in my path.  He saw me, I saw him, our eyes locked, then he freaked out looking both directions not knowing where to go.  I swerved, but not quickly enough and felt a tiny thud under my tire.  My heart sank as I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw him on the road — motionless except for his tail. “Oh, Lord,” I said, “I’ve killed one of your creatures.”

I was crying, feeling sorry for the squirrel and his family, when I turned around on the road to head back to the scene of the crime.  I couldn’t find Sidney the Squirrel (that’s what I called him) anywhere.  I’m hoping he was able to crawl away to safety.  I’ll never forget the look of panic on Sidney’s face as I came barreling up to him. He literally didn’t know where to go.

I’ve experienced that “deer in the headlights” look and feeling in my life.  Placed in a situation that everyone tells you is hopeless.  My energy dried up months back as I was trying to handle the situation in my own power.  Then one day I couldn’t go on, I gave up, lifted my hands up to God to say, “I can’t do anything — I need Your miracle to save me.”  Sound familiar?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, wanting to run as far away as possible for comfort.  When the problems feel too big and unfixable, we tend to run that much further before crawling into a cave to hide.

Often we can’t change stuff that happens in our lives that feels too big to handle. But, when you stop running you realize it’s all puny compared to the God of the Universe who created the rocks of safety!

I’ve found peace and presence in prayer and scripture.  It reminds me no matter where I run, God is bigger than any problem and He’s waiting to shelter and comfort me.


Psalm 61:2      “From the ends of the earth, I cry to you for help when my heart is overwhelmed. Lead me to the towering rock of safety.”

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