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They came from near and far to celebrate a wonderful member of the community.  In anticipation of a truly great event, family, friends, and neighbors started their travels early in the morning to arrive in time for the “big surprise.”  It wasn’t a birthday, holiday or anniversary.  It was a day devoted to honor a wonderful woman who happens to be the family matriarch.

No super secret operation goes unplanned.  It took many weeks of strategy, secret texts, and phone calls for assignments to be made.  But amazingly we accomplished our goal and no one –not one person – spilled the beans (unheard of in a small town).  My mother-in-law’s famous desserts were lovingly hand-made by devoted granddaughters.  There was sugar and flour flying in the air as chocolate meringue pies were baked once, then baked again until perfection.  Photos, art, needlework and music were carefully displayed.  As guests arrived, they toured the “shop” where they were immediately met with the sights and smells of Sandra Efurd.

We laughed, cried and reminisced as old movies were shown.  After the second course of dessert, everyone took turns giving speeches about how Sandra had touched their lives.  This was the highlight of the day for me (and, as it turned out, all attending).

Each and every one of us knows someone who could use some affirmation.  Wouldn’t this world be a better place if we – you and me — found someone today and then again tomorrow to lift up with words of praise?  I’m willing.  Share if you would, too.

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