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I was standing in line at the pharmacy after church today.  It was a long line, filled with men young and old, each of them having something in common . . . they all had flowers and cards they were purchasing.  I smiled to myself as I thought of the mothers (and wives) they would bestow these gifts on, just as I look forward to hearing from my own family.

Seeing those men with gifts in hand takes me back when I was a young mother.  I tried to provide everything for my son . . . care, cook, cleaning, chauffeur, clothes, providing a home to sleep in . . . the list is endless.  Yes, thank you, Lord, I was able to provide for all of his needs growing up.

Now with grown children, the love, care and concern I have for my own brood hasn’t stopped.  While no longer providing for their material needs, I pray daily for each of my children and grandchildren’s spiritual needs and protection.  It goes to show that a mother’s love doesn’t stop when a child moves away from home; a mother’s love grows deeper with each passing day.


As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you . . . (Isaiah 66:13).

The love of a mother for her child . . . is there a love any deeper?  The love of God for his children . . . is there a love any bolder?  Woven through scripture, like the ribbons on a newborn’s quilt, are gentle reminders that God’s love is like that of a mother: deep, unrelenting, bold.        Max Lucado, Bold Love, March 22, 2015


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