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When you live in the country, you get used to having critters around.  There are large critters (cows and horses), and small critters (pigs, goats, sheep, dogs and cats).  Since living in God’s country, our lives have been pretty much routine with our two big, fluffy dogs Scooter and Teeny – and then Buddy showed up.

I admit I was surprised to see a small brown dog curled up with our two big white Pyrenees.  “You must be lost!”  “Where did you come from?”  “Do you live around here?”  No answer, just a plea from his soulful eyes saying, “I’m hungry.”

We took him in and spent days and days trying to find Buddy’s owner.  Between vets and pet rescues, our posts must have reached over 135,000 Facebook users in the area.  No one responded to us – not one call.  We could only surmise that someone dropped Buddy off because they could no longer take care of him, so now we have “adopted” Buddy to become part of our farm family.

Quite often the biggest blessings come unplanned.  Jesus told his followers in Luke 12:4-7, not to fear those who can harm them because God is ultimately in control and cares greatly about His followers when they experience pain and suffering. This stems from the watchful care God has for all of His creation. The Almighty who keeps the planets in their orbits is at the same time aware of the lowly sparrow that falls to the ground just as He does for a dog named Buddy who lost his way.

I am thankful that the God of the Universe watches and cares for me.  Are you?


“His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.”  (Civilla Durfee Martin, 1905)

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