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Living in the country, in a serene, less hectic environment, gives me plenty of “alone” time.  I enjoy the quiet solitude, yet I never find myself lonely.  However, this was not always the case.

Many years ago I programmed every minute of my day with doing something or to see how many people I could surround myself with.  My sense of worth was filled with the outside world to make me feel whole.  Now I enjoy my own company.  Does that make sense?

Today we live in a society that is desperately afraid of being alone.  Loneliness is a major problem and felt around the world — in a crowd; during the holidays; in every town and city.  Sociologists say that never before in history have so many people lived so close together yet felt so far apart. Singles bars are filled with people battling loneliness. A divorced person, tired of one-night stands, recently said, “Sex is readily available in the American singles scenes, but friendship is not.”

I beg to differ with what society says – you can still be alone, but not lonely. I don’t think anyone will find victory over loneliness until they learn to enjoy their own company, and that is rooted in where they are in relation to God.

Our souls will remain restless until we find rest in Him. We may seek to fill the void with activities, crowds, and noise, but a nagging loneliness will always prevail until that personal relationship with God fills it. When we find that, we have found the key to being alone, but not lonely.

Jesus is a perfect example for us.  He was constantly in crowds of people, yet he sought solitude – the best place to meet God – away from the voices, away from the noise, away from distractions, away from advice.  What we consider bad (being alone), Christ made a regular part of His daily life.

Rest assured you are never alone – God is with you and He hears the cry of every child and responds to it – often and quietly.


Psalm 16:5          “Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure.”



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