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Proud grandparents we are, especially this past weekend as we joined family at our granddaughter’s confirmation.  I barely remember being that young, but do recall not wanting to learn about God/faith/Bible … I was too busy having (what I thought) was fun.  Looking at her glowing face, I was mesmerized by her gentle spirit.  Then it hit me – it’s so difficult in this day and age (especially for teenagers) to stand up for what we believe and defend one’s faith as if we’re on the witness stand.

This day and age it seems we are attacked at every turn for what we do, what we say, what we believe, or why we don’t believe as our attackers would like us to believe.  Having worked for attorneys for decades, I’ve decided to do exactly what I learned from them all – defending my beliefs.

I went straight to some experts who questioned their own faith by setting out to prove Christianity wrong.  Lee Strobel (The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith) was my first expert.  He was an award-winning journalist (and atheist) working for the Chicago Tribune.  After his wife and daughter became Christians, he set out to prove them wrong.  He gathered evidence as if he were preparing for a trial – faith being the defendant.  After several years and thousands of hours of testimony and evidence gathered, Lee could not disprove Christ was who He said he was and that the Bible was the inspired Word of God.  It was at that point, Lee Strobel became a Christian and is now serving as a pastor in Houston, Texas.

Another expert I turned to was J. Warner Wallace (Cold Case Christianity) — a homicide detective who investigated the claims of the gospels.  Wallace didn’t try to prove anything – he was an atheist who merely wanted to see where the evidence led him.  The book details what happened as the evidence led him straight to a belief in God so real it’s impossible to shake Wallace’s faith now.

The last expert I turned to was Josh McDowell.  Josh has been a Christian a long time.  He provides the who/what/where/when/and why succinctly in The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict.

I am assimilating the sheer volume of evidence presented in these texts slowly – there’s a lot to absorb.  I would encourage you to discover the evidence to defend your faith.  In the days to come we will surely be put to the test.


As R.C. Sproul said, “Defending the faith to the best of our ability is not a luxury or an indulgence in intellectual vanity. It is the task given to each one of us as we bear witness to our faith before the world.”


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