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This week we celebrate freedom.  From coast to coast the 4th of July is celebrated with fireworks, parades, and hot dogs fresh off the grill.  Freedom is worth celebrating, but the older I get I realize more and more the sacrifices it takes for the freedom we enjoy.

Since our country was founded, America’s story has been one of ordinary citizens sacrificing for the cause of freedom and fellow man. Each generation has stepped forward and made countless contributions for the advancement of our nation and the ideals of its founding. We rebuilt after half a million Americans died in a war between the states.  We stand guard to defeat tyranny, liberating the oppressed around the world. Today, millions of Americans serve in the armed services, thousands more serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in 77 countries around the world, and more than 60 million Americans volunteer in their own towns.  Many police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and border patrol agents put their lives on the line every day in our communities.  Each one of these brave individuals made the conscious decision to help someone else before themselves.

There’s no shortage of work to do all around us.  Whatever gifts and talents you have will be welcomed and greatly utilized at countless volunteer organizations.  You don’t have to look far to find someone in need of help – you will be changing our culture, our communities and our world for the better!

I’ve been convicted lately for my own failure to do more.  Will you join me for this challenge?  Will you find a way to be of service this week?

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