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honey have you seen my | blog article by debby efurd

I have the dearest hubby in the world. He’s smart, funny, a great cook (thank you, Lord!), and a hard worker. He would give someone the shirt off his back (and has many times). But he also misplaces things … a lot! Hubby reminds me nothing is ever lost, so I’m choosing to say “misplaced.”

Several times a week he will say, “Honey, have you seen my phone (or keys, or wallet, or book, or whatever).”  He and I will make a search and usually find the item within a few hours.  Recently, though, he lost his watch (he’s a Timex man).  We looked high and low with no success.  I did another search and found an old watch I thought he could use.

It was a nice watch. He tried it on and said, “I think this belonged to my granddad.”  Well, wasn’t this my red-letter day … solved the problem and found an heirloom at the same time! He looked at the watch and asked if I could tell who made the watch.  “Lord Elgin,” I said, “that’s a pretty good brand.”  Then hubby says he thinks he remembered his granddad wearing it. Then comes the clincher.

I turned the watch over and read [name redacted for privacy purposes], “____, UPON RETIREMENT AUGUST 1, 1959 (HUMBLE).”  Well so much for heirlooms and we had no idea who the watch truly belonged to.

I bet you’re asking why I chose to write about this story. Well, as I thought about what happened this week, I realized a lot of times we (you, me, everyday people) are told things from friends, family, the internet, you name it … and we put our full faith into what we’ve been told as fact.  The subject could be politics, religion, or any number of topics upon which we form our belief system. We humans do it over and over again assuming something is the “gospel truth” without really finding the source and truth.

Another reason I’m sharing this story is because my hubby is right (I’m going to get brownie points for saying this) … nothing is ever lost … especially to our Creator. He counts the hairs on our heads and searches for each of us as we go our “wayward” ways.

Thank goodness God loves us completely and searches for us when we’re lost. Luke 19:10 tells us that, “Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost.”  As much as we love our families and people in our lives, God loves us so much more. 

God loved us so much that he created a way for us to get found without requiring us to get better first. He sent Jesus to find us so that we could experience abundant life now here on earth, and eternal life in His presence. 

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

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