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The subject matter of this post, “Is There An A-B-C Link?” surrounds two sensitive topics.  It is my sincere desire that you will not “take” offense.

For over thirty years there has been prolific discussion, research and debate regarding the accuracy of an abortion-breast cancer link.  Since I have had both an abortion and now have breast cancer, I am paying more attention to the research and, with much intrigue, the debate.  As I’ve said previously, I am not a theologian, and I am in NO WAY a scientist (preferring social science over any other type of science that would cause me to dissect a frog).   The debate between the pro-life and the pro-choice ranks, once again have each side teaming up to prove one is right while the other is definitely wrong.  Unfortunately, the losers in the debate are those who would benefit from accurate data and scientific findings – the multiple millions of women who have had an abortion and growing numbers of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

While I can’t prove or disprove the A-B-C- link, I will share my observations:

  • Of the 73 research studies conducted on the A-B-C- link over the past 20 years, 53 show a direct connection between increased breast cancer rates and induced abortion.  All of these studies were conducted by international medical organizations.  A more recent study, from a research fellow at Johns Hopkins University, also supports the A-B-C link.
  • Unfortunately, the “big boys” — the National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, and Susan G. Komen Foundation, dispute the findings of all of the research studies based on “faulty research data.”
  • The American Cancer Society states that “because of the nature of the topic (abortion), studies have been hard to do.”  Further, “healthy women are less likely to report that they have had induced abortions.  In contrast, women with breast cancer are more likely to accurately report their reproductive histories.”  This is called recall bias … having had an abortion is a hidden secret, many women going to their grave rather than admit they have had one.

If recall bias is the reason for the “faulty research data,” stemming from the fact that so few women openly admit they have had an abortion or have erased that portion of their lives from memory because of Post Abortion Stress, isn’t it time to break through that wall of silence surrounding a past abortion?  In the decades I’ve been going to doctors, I recall only one instance where I was specifically asked if I had had an abortion.  Likewise, until I went through my own recovery, I never revealed to any of my physicians that I had had an abortion.  When I mentioned this to a doctor friend, she said, “Don’t you think that’s an important medical fact that should be disclosed to your medical practitioner?”

Since the U.S. declared abortions legal in our country in 1973 millions of women (in this country alone) have been told that abortions were perfectly safe, legal, and that there would be absolutely no repercussions from having an abortion.  What we continue to find is conclusive evidence that what we were told were false.

I say it’s time to stop the debate, break down the walls of silence surrounding abortion and post-abortion issues, and start helping the people who have been hurt by a past abortion.

Will you join me?

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