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For the past four weeks I’ve lived under the possibility of having cancer, to the realization I do have cancer, to the countdown toward eradication of  breast cancer.  This has been a roller coaster of doctor visits, medical tests, emotional ups and downs, to a peace that undoubtedly DOES surpass all (human) understanding.


Someone told me today that I have an “aura” around me.  I do … the peace I feel would not be possible without the many prayer warriors lifting me up privately and corporately from sea to shining sea.  Family (for certain), friends (boatloads of them), but people whom I’ve never met?  They’re praying for me?  Yes!  And thank the Lord, for they are my extended family of faith.

How does someone face the struggles that are inevitable in life without faith?  I’ve pondered over this the last few weeks.  Faith gives me hope.  Faith gives me assurance.  Faith gives me the ability to trust in a Heavenly Father to take care of me no matter what.   His Grace is sufficient.  That is a fact.

So to the many who have told me I will be a breast cancer survivor, I say “No, Thank You.”  I call myself a “Breast Cancer Thriver!”


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