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Since I have been knee-high to a grasshopper I have watched Frank Capra’s “It’s A Wonderful Life” every Christmas.  When I married hubby (29 years ago), this movie that made Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed famous became a staple in our household almost every month.  We each can repeat almost every line of  every character in the film, often saying it before the actors do.  This is an American Christmas classic.

This year, however, I saw the film in a new light.  Even though I’ve seen the movie an umpteen gillion times, I cried through this viewing because I realized the story line runs so close to so many people’s own stories.  How often have I wondered how different my life would have been like if only I had pursued my dreams, and then when my life didn’t turn out quite right, or I felt that I’d failed, wondered why on earth I was ever born.

Well, I’m glad I was born.  It’s taken a life time for me to realize the importance of that statement and the impact one life can have on another.  I have an amazing family and love beyond measure.  I have hope today through my faith and am ready, willing and able to share my own story whenever God opens that opportunity, because, after all, it was God’s story first.


1 John 4:19         “We love, because He first loved us.”

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