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I’m an all or nothing kind of gal.  It takes me a while to make a decision, but once I do I tend to jump in with both feet … full steam ahead.  When I told hubby that we needed to take that big “trip” we had always talked about, I was ready to jump in with all fours.

Alaska had been on our bucket list forever.  We booked in January … what’s the best time to go? … what cruise line should we take … what ports should we stop in?  So many questions, so many decisions.  Nothing about Alaska could be bad.  It’s cool in our hot Texas summer.  Every port has its appeal.  It took me six months to get ready.

Finally, the day came.  We arrived early in Dallas for our flight and headed to the wild blue yonder.  Every stop and transfer was fully detailed.  Once we arrived at the Seattle port we saw our “home” for the next seven days.  I knew it would be big, but the enormity of our Ruby Princess cruise ship was shocking.  Much bigger than a bass boat.

We sailed for a day and a half to Juneau where we disembarked to see the true beauty of God’s creation.  Majestic mountains. Clear water. Glaciers like glass.  Wildlife galore.  I had to pinch myself during each of our stops in Skagway, Ketchikan and Victoria.

We walked, rested, ate, slept, then slept some more.  Alaska was very good for our souls it seems.  The last day we played bingo on a whim and won a large ship jackpot!  What a surprise!

Now that we’re back to reality and the heat of East Texas reminds us one reason we left, we have lots of pictures and fond memories of our adventures. One thing for sure, God’s creation never disappoints and always fulfills.


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