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It’s been almost two years now when we packed all our worldly possessions and made the move from the big city to rural life.  We sold and gave away a lot of “stuff.”  I promised myself and others I would never again obtain so many “things.”  Well, that promise didn’t last long.  Within no time I was buying more creature comforts to the point I am now on a first name basis with the FedEx and UPS guys.  Now I am, once again, cleaning out and organizing AGAIN, while at the same time scratching my head wondering where all this stuff comes from.

When I was 18 I told a friend, “if I just had a full length mink coat, a Mercedes convertible, and $100,000 in cash, I wouldn’t want for anything ever again.”  Ha … what was I thinking? No more status symbols for me – who needs a Mercedes when a Chevy can get you from Point A to Point B.  If I had to guess, I’ve probably acquired and given away the amount of those items three-fold (or more) in my time on this earth.  I have no doubt one day the “stuff” I consider important to me will land in a huge garage sale or charity.  I’m learning to accept the importance of lightening the load.

I’m learning something else, too.  As I go through each item, memories tied to a picture or object that meant something me or someone I loved brings a smile to my face or tear to my eye.  Our entire family feels the same way.  When the kids and grandkids visit, they would rather look at those old pictures and hear stories much more than watching TV or playing games on their smart phones.

I guess cleaning out the “stuff” may have a purpose after all!

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