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The Frog in the Kttle blog post by Debby Efurd |

In my youth (umpteen years ago), someone told me if you put a frog in a kettle of water, then turn the heat up slowly to the boiling point, that frog would just sit there grinning while he slowly boiled to death.  I thought, “That’s ridiculous – who wouldn’t get out when it got too hot!”  So, I pitched that story in my “totally absurd” pile.

Fast forward to the good old college days, my history professor, a known expert on World History, opened my eyes to the parallels of that frog in the kettle to Germany during the Great Wars.  

Germany’s problems began well before Adolf Hitler gained power. Paul von Hindenburg elected president of Germany in 1925, was endowed by the Weimar Constitution with various emergency powers to defend German democracy should it be in dire peril. Instead of defending it, Hindenburg and his party installed Hitler as chancellor. Soon after that, Germany saw intensified rearmament, the outlawing of the Communist Party, the suspension first of freedom of speech, and the press, the burning of books deemed “unfit” and assembly of parliamentary government, a purge of the civil service, and the abolition of independent labor unions. The Nazis advanced far beyond the goals set by the Weimar Constitution and were powerless to hinder them in any significant way, practically overnight. The Nazis controlled information, the press, assembly, jobs, and the holocaust of millions by targeting “undesirable” populations.

Today parallels between Germany and America can’t be overlooked.  Over decades, the moral decay in this country is all too apparent.  Our freedoms are being eroded at an ever-increasing pace.  Families are faced with new challenges every day and Christians are being persecuted at historic levels. 

Many ask how this could happen. Well, people stop voting, stop overseeing what elected officials do, stop getting involved. Then laws get passed that basically strip our freedoms from beneath our feet.

The handwriting is on the wall, folks.  The water is hot and soon will be boiling.  If there’s ever a time to take a stand for your faith and our country it’s NOW. 

1 Corinthians 16:13. “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.”

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