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Sometimes when I ask for input, I actually listen to the one giving the input.  Just last week a friend said she loved reading my blog posts.  I asked her, “if you ever think of anything you’d like me to post about …”  Well, she didn’t hesitate.  Hence, this post.

You may recall, my world last year turned every which way but loose when we sold our business, sold our home, sold a lot of “stuff,” and moved to the farm in East Texas.  None of this was in my plans, immediate or otherwise.  Fighting every inch of the way, I soon realized some things you can’t fight city hall over.  That’s when I decided if we were going to move, and I was going to trust God’s plans instead of my own, I’d better get on board quick.

On June 30 we announced the sale of the business, in August we shut down operations and leased our building; in August we got a contract on our house; and by September 1 we were moved from the hustle bustle of the big city.  I left my home for six decades to a small town where everyone knew my husband and family, but didn’t know me.  The farm was a pretty place … but what do I do all day?  (Remember, I have a sign in the kitchen that says, “The Only Reason I Have a Kitchen Is It Came With the House”).

Little by little, one thing led to another, and then another, and my new life began forming.  I joined the board of an organization that helps victims of abuse … I help care for my mother-in-law … we joined the local church … I got involved in people’s lives … and low and behold I woke up and realized God teaching me geography doesn’t change my spiritual gifts (in fact, quite often they are enhanced).  I had found a purpose in our move and that gave me power.

Pastor Rick Warren once said, “If you want God to use you in great ways … you’ll need focus. The more focused you are … the more effective you’ll be — and the more God will use you.”  That’s what happened in my case, the more I focused my attention to making our transition a success, the more successful it became and the happier we became.


Proverbs 21:5 “Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.”


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