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when you least expect it (002)

Photo by Heidi Sandstrom. | Unsplash

Everyone has had a time in their life when an unexpected event or circumstance occurs that turns their world 180 degrees.  I’ve had several.  The first was when the big tornado hit Dallas in 1957.  It was my first experience with the unexpected.  Another was when God brought Cary John Efurd into my life, also causing me to do a somersault.  A few weeks ago, something happened that literally dropped out of heaven and changed our world dramatically.

Every day for 60 years, Cary and I have worked.  We always dreamed of retirement.  What would it be like?  Where would we go?  Could we afford to retire?  As we “matured,” (I didn’t say older), both facing health issues, we planned to move to Cary’s hometown of Pittsburg “someday.”  Well, someday is happening sooner than expected.  A few weeks back, out of the clear blue, someone walked in and made us an offer to buy the business.  We looked at each other, looked up at Heaven, and said yes.  Now we are winding down business affairs, put our building up for sale, and have a contract on our house.  Cary is packing as I’m writing.  Talk about upside down!

Cary can’t wait to get home and I’m leaving the only home I’ve known for 60 years.  It’s an emotional journey for both of us.  But we have no doubt God orchestrated this set of circumstances.  This is a huge change for both of us and we ask for your prayers during the upcoming months.  Until we get re-settled, my posts will be sporadic, but I promise to chronicle a very interesting journey!

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