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This has been a year of change, some hardship, lots of medical needs, and plenty of stress.  It started with surgeries (husband has had six surgeries in a year), my on-the-job training of nursing, then transitioning away from my home since 1951, topped off with a big dose of uncertainty.  Looking back, I see where thoughts and prayers of so many sustained us for so long.

We are a family of faith and have a life-long belief in the power of prayer.  Gratefully, we are surrounded by many who also believe in prayer.  With each prayer request, we had immediate responses from our church homes in Dallas and Pittsburg, from the West Coast to the East, and many points beyond.  Prayers gave us the strength when physical strength had worn out and gave us the peace of mind and comfort to maintain our course.

Someone told me once that God brings people to mind at the perfect time to pray in order to meet their needs.  Since then I’ve prayed for people immediately as they come to mind and pray with people when they ask for prayer.  I guess that’s the reason I was taken back recently when I heard that the term “thoughts and prayers” had been politicized.  That’s a sad commentary of our culture, isn’t it?  Therefore, I’m doubling up on my “thoughts and prayers” for everyone I hear that doesn’t believe in the power of prayer.  They can sure use it!


Proverbs 15:29       “The Lord is far from the wicked, But He hears the prayer of the righteous.”

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