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One difference I have witnessed since moving to the country – we go to a lot more weddings and funerals. A small town supports one another in this way.

Last week we helped serve in an aunt’s funeral service.  Aunt Joyce lived a long life, and, without a doubt, she knew who she would see when she reached heaven.

She was 92 years young when she passed.  Over the years she buried her youngest son from a traffic accident, her oldest from suicide, and her middle son from a freak accident.  Later, she buried her husband of 60+ years to a failing heart. Whenever I saw Aunt Joyce she was full of smiles and words of encouragement. But I often wondered if she ever had doubts.

During the funeral I learned that another relative had asked Aunt Joyce how she was able to withstand tremendous loss. Her answer was simple – “lean in.”  She was used to leaning on Jesus.

All of us are susceptible to turmoil in days or seasons. Psalm 143 gives us a perfect example of prayer during a very dark period of David’s life. Although we don’t know the exact circumstance, his prayers are open and honest and expectant.

David prayed for 3 things in Psalm 143: deliverance, understanding, and spiritual revival. Every believer needs spiritual revival during those times when we require a fresh invasion from heaven, bringing us a renewed conscious awareness of God.

It’s up to us to decide how to respond in our dark moments, which can be some of the best times for deep prayers. During our times of sorrow and grief, God’s love remains constant. We have Him to lean on as we lean on and love others in His strength.

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