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Last week, hubby called me sobbing.  In 34 years, he’s only cried three times, so I knew something was terribly wrong.  Our good friend of 20+ years had just died from a battle with leukemia.  At this point, hearing Cary, I started crying, too.

I’ve attended a lot of services in my lifetime … church services, wedding services, and, all too often lately, funeral services.  The common denominator for all of them is that I cry – crying comes easy to me.  At William’s service, however, I didn’t shed a tear, because I was rejoicing for him and thanking God he had placed William in our lives.

You would have had to know William.  He was R E A L – REALLY R E A L.  I can’t remember a time his eyes didn’t sparkle and wear an infectious smile.  He glowed.  He loved helping people.  In the time we knew him, he gave Cary a job when he needed one most, he sold us a car when we couldn’t afford one, he helped us get a house both to rent and to buy after our bankruptcy.  He was Cary’s mentor when we started Efurd Properties. And as if that weren’t enough, he bought our business when we were ready to retire.

In the world’s eyes, William was a success story.  He built a large property management company employing lots of people.  He had a lot of money. He and his wife, Leslie, were charitable, working as foster parents and in Young Life.  They built an orphanage in Africa.  They were givers, never expecting anything in return.

There were ups and downs in William’s life, just like anyone else.  In 2012, William lost his wife after decades of marriage to a sudden, tragic accident.  Then last year, William was growing tired at the least amount of exertion.  That’s when the doctors confirmed he had leukemia.

Hubby spoke to William just a few short weeks ago.  William wasn’t sad or gloomy, but proved to be the epitome of encouragement and edification.  William’s faith, which was always VERY BIG, was growing even deeper the closer he came to meeting His Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Throughout the funeral service, I kept asking myself, “what kind of legacy am I leaving on this earth?”  There’s actually three answers — am I pointing to myself?  Am I pointing to someone else? Or am I pointing up to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

This is what I ask of myself – what kind of lasting legacy am I leaving on this earth?

What do you think?

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