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I have worked a long time … since I was 19 (ah, yes, to be young again).  I retired two times during my career.  The first time was in 2014.  I told my husband I had had enough of corporate life and wanted to retire while I was still young enough to remember it.  My last day of corporate life was December 31, 2014.  I started back to work on January 2, 2015.

I had a really good retirement (all one day of it) on January 1, 2015.  Slept late, had a great breakfast, saw a movie.  Then January 2nd rolls around and I awake to my husband shaking me while he says, “be at (his) office in an hour … you’re Efurd Properties’ new repair coordinator.”

Suffice it to say an attitude adjustment was in order (on my part).  I won’t go into detail about what was said/not said or the range of emotions in those first few days, but I managed to work through it and, in my opinion, eventually did a pretty good job taking care of so many rental properties.

The real estate market had begun to turn since 2013 and continued into 2017.  Our company found itself selling a lot of properties out of the rental inventory we managed.  One day my husband said in his morning quiet time, “Lord, if there’s going to be an exit strategy out of this business, what is it?”  God answered.

Within 30 minutes my husband received a phone call from another property management company. What started with lunch ended up with a purchase agreement for our little business.  God showed us the exit strategy exceedingly, abundantly, beyond our wildest imagination.

In August, 2017, hubby and I packed up our worldly possessions and made the drive to our new home in East Texas.  Hubby was home again … I was making a new home, much different from the big city life.  I began to wonder what God wanted me to do and how He wanted me to serve Him in East Texas.  God answered my prayers with seven confirmations over one weekend.

I thought I could retire, put my feet up, and eat bon-bons the rest of my remaining life.  That wasn’t God’s plan for me.  It’s as if He said, “Debby, continue in the ministry you started in Dallas.  I prepared and equipped you.  This ministry is needed in East Texas as much as it is in the Metroplex.”

I realized then that after years of serving the DFW metroplex, Peace After the Storm, a lifeline of healing from abortion with compassionate, Bible-based teaching for abortion recovery, should be offered to the Northeast Texas community. I’m excited to see where God is going to take this.

Never doubt that God answers prayers … when He shows up it can rock your world!




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