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Over the course of my life I’ve had the privilege of observing the work of many of God’s servants in action.  There are those who have large international ministries, but the majority serve in smaller environments – all doing what they felt God had called them to do.

Last week I was in Dallas at a speaking engagement.  I met many who were giving back in unique ways. One prepared comfort bags for cancer victims, one worked to coordinate the luncheon I spoke at, while another ministered to those who had lost a child to cancer.

This past weekend the minister of music at our small East Texas church retired after 18 years of service.  Every day he encouraged many with his prayers, his gift of music, and his gift of administration to the senior adults.  He and his wife served without thought of self, but always with thoughts of service.

A servant’s greatest strength is a humble spirit. In today’s world, it’s rare to find someone who is genuinely interested in helping others without asking for something in return.  We are called to be servants like Jesus, but in 60-something years I’ve not mastered that skill yet, running the other direction often.

Having a servant’s heart means giving up my own will and laying aside my rights in order to serve others, selflessly.   Rewards, recognition or even gratitude cannot be the motivation to live out true servanthood the way Jesus did.

God’s love for us empowers us to love and serve others.  Requests made of us are chances to become more like the One who served His followers by laying down His life for us.

How have you served someone today?



Matthew 24:46                 “Blessed is that slave whom his master finds so doing when he comes.”


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