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FoundationsOfFaith1This weekend we had a chance to get back to our roots.  Memorial Day (or Homecoming) at our small East Texas church is a special time in the life of our little church.  It was a day to celebrate a rich history of a group of believers who have served the combined congregation and community for over 80 years.

This little church isn’t huge by any means, but I would argue has served more people and their families than many large churches do.  Nothing fancy, but everyone knows you and your family.  They celebrate life, from weddings, to births, through sickness until passing to the next life.  When our own family suffered loss this year, it was the members of the church family that came to our aid, sacrificially, without thought of self.

I’ve been privileged to be an extended part of this church community through marriage for almost 29 years.  This is where we will come back to in the hopes of carrying on a very rich legacy caring for each other one person and family at a time.  There’s no pomp or circumstance here, no flashy shows, just good old foundations of faith.

Do you have a church you call home and a family of believers you can share with?  My prayer is if you don’t, you will want to find just such a church as we have.  It makes a world of difference.


Psalm 57:10        For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.

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