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It’s Christmas time.  We have been to five Christmas parties, had family get-togethers, given umpteen gillion gifts, so giving is a “given” (no pun intended) this time of year.  But the question is how do we receive gifts?

There have been numerous times in my life when I have received unexpected gifts, both small and large.  My confusion always boils down to, “I didn’t do anything to earn the gift, so why do I deserve it.” The answer is, I can never do anything to deserve God’s unmerited favor. You may have the same confusion as me.

The definition of grace is God’s life, power and righteousness given to us by unmerited favor.” It is through grace that God works effective change in our hearts and lives. Grace gives us a new life which is not condemned by God. It’s a hard concept for a human beings to understand.

To most, we operate under the assumption that God’s grace is like human grace — imperfect, exchange-based, reactive, and subject to change. Humans think grace has to be earned. God’s way is the exact opposite of the human way.  He gives us grace because He wants to.

The Bible is clear that grace is a gift, purchased by Jesus’ death on the cross and given to us freely out of God’s love for us. God’s grace, His undeserved favor, is not a reward for human effort. God’s grace is based entirely on who He is and who we are in Him. 

God gives us His grace freely because He wants to. Through his gift, we are adopted into His family, our debts paid and our sin forgiven. It is His pleasure and will to give us these things when we put our faith in Jesus. 

No one can take away or lessen the power of this supernatural exchange. When we  experience God’s grace, we are immediately drawn to the One who gives it to us. We worry less about messing up and focus more on getting to know the God who loves us that much. 

What if we stopped exhausting ourselves trying to earn God’s favor and simply asked Him to help us see and receive what is already ours to rest in? How different would life be?

Believers stand upon the immovable foundation of God’s grace which covers us like a canopy and surrounds like a protective wall. Let that sink into your heart and mind for awhile. When you become His vessel, His love, kindness, and goodness is spread to others.

Romans 8:1: “Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

We are imperfect people receiving a perfect gift (God’s grace). How sweet the sound!

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