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The last few weeks have been difficult … read on …

I believe God places people in your life for a reason … sometimes for a season.  Cary and I have come to the realization of this fact since late September.  Let me explain.

We first met John and his wife, Lorraine, at a pastor’s dinner in 2011.  We had lived in Dallas forever … they had just moved to town, then the associate pastor showed them to our table.  Recently, I commented it was as if a stork had dropped them into our lives … the connection was instant.

John, Lorraine, Cary and I worshiped together, worked in ministry together, even worked together.  John became my biggest fan and encourager as I wrote my book and began a blog and went into ministry.  Lorraine was my right arm in ministry and traveled with me to the state capital in support of important pro-life legislation.  We were tight.

Time brings about change and we found ourselves moving to East Texas last year.  John and Lorraine, loving the woods of East Texas, moved a few months later.  We didn’t see them as often, but we all knew the love we had for Jesus and the bonds we mutually shared.

Last month, we received a text that John and Lorraine wanted to come by and see us.  I thought at the time it was odd to receive a text and not a call, but looked forward to seeing them.  When they arrived, Cary and I knew instantly something was wrong.

That afternoon John had received a diagnosis of Stage 4 lung cancer, which had by then spread through his lymp system.  We were stunned, they were in shock, and we all huddled close and cried.  The cancer was genetic and was extremely aggressive.  John knew his time was drawing near … and his utmost concern was for Lorraine.  Cary and I assured him we would be there for both of them … that Lorraine would be part of our family.

Blood clots developed, fluid built up in John’s lungs, and breathing became difficult.  Soon it became apparent there was nothing more that modern medicine could do.  The Lord took John home and last week was his memorial service.  John has achieved perfect health and is in a perfect place with his Lord.

I now have a new sister.  Both Lorraine and I have little to no families of our own, but now we are family.  John, thank you for entrusting Lorraine, the love of your life, into our care.  We will see you soon!


Psalm 116:15     “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his holy ones.”


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