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As each birthday rolls around, I see visible signs of aging.  Tiny wrinkles around the eyes, “age” spots on the arms, a little (too much) thickening around the waist, and glasses constantly. A friend told me she is thankful each day she wakes up and doesn’t feel satin padding around her (i.e., no coffin).  Oh, the delights of maturing.

Another sign of age is how similar I am to my parents and the inheritance they left me.  I inherited a majority of their physical ailments and traits … brown eyes, gray hair, cancer, flat feet, immune disease, macular degeneration. That’s just the stuff I see and people see. But there’s so much more!

I inherited tenacity, perseverance, a hard work ethic, the desire to keep going when everyone says I should quit. I inherited a strong faith, humor in times of despair, a willingness to help others in time of need.

I inherited strong family values and reverence for life from the womb to the tomb. I watched my parents sweat and toil from sunrise to sunset to provide for the family. Both parents took care of their parents, never leaving any family member destitute.

I may not be “rich” according to the world, but I have inherited more than any billionaire could ever have. I thank God for my parents.

When the world talks about inheritance, we think of lawyers drafting long legal documents to divide property. We hear horror stories how families fight and bicker over the money or things they expect to get in the will.

While inheritance can be controversial, in the Bible, it is a marvelous example of a good gift: it’s given by grace— not earned—a windfall, of sorts, received from our loving God

In Matthew 5:5, Jesus said, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth” I can’t think of a better inheritance — a heavenly treasure through Christ!

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