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I’ve been cleaning this week (oh stop it — before you start laughing, I really do know how to clean).  Since the temps have been so frigid, I’ve had time to continue working on all the pictures we have … enough to fill warehouses!

As I uncovered and began placing pictures of my parents, my heart ached as my eyes filled with tears.  My parents, known affectionately as Meemaw and Pops, have been in Heaven since 1993 and 1994.  Oh, how I miss them!  I’d give anything to sit and listen to their stories one more time … hear their words of encouragement … hear their dry sense of humor.  I’d love to ask Mom one more time how to cook her “specials.”  I’d love to see my Dad piddling out in the yard.  I had a big boo-hoo session!

As the Tozer Alliance so aptly states:  “I think it is typical of us that we take our days for granted. We say at the start of each year, ‘This may be the last,’ and resolve to amend our lives; but before many days have passed we forget our resolutions and grow bold and arrogant again, deceived by the apparent prodigality with which our days are given to us, heaped up, shaken together and running over. But all things have an end. The pitcher goes once too often to the well; the old tree braves one too many storms and comes down with a great crash upon the hill; the strongest heart weakens at last and sputters to a stop.”

I am so grateful God blessed me with loving parents and I’ve been guilty of wasting time and not telling people how much they mean to me.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Each year is a gift of grace and each day an unearned bonus.  So please don’t make the mistake of frittering away time … live each day as if it were your last.


Psalm 90:12    “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

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