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This is my third update on my journey toward good health.  I have been on this journey now for 48 days, have lost 18.2 pounds (on top of what I had already lost), lost a ton of inches (down two dress sizes), have reduced cravings, and now off of three of my six prescriptions.  I am happy with my success, but I mustn’t take this success for granted.

Since I’m in Phase 2 of my program (less restrictive eating, reverse dieting), my trainer has added more variety into my meal planning, good fats, healthy carbs, more variety in proteins – and I’m especially grateful.  I have increased energy, so moving more and increasing cardio – is critical — basically, to get off my duff.  This has been the hardest for me.  I still have some aches and pains from inflammation, and I’m basically a couch potato.  Listening to my FitBit helps get me motivated.

I know I have to watch for my guideposts – each day, every day – plan ahead, prepare for twists and turns, and ask questions, lots of questions, of the expert who is my guide on my road to health.  I can honestly say I have not gone off my program since starting.  I never feel hungry or have any cravings (even when Blue Bell Ice Cream is passed by me).

Until the next update, I continue to follow the guideposts of my plan – each day and every day.


Jeremiah 31:21             “Set up for yourself roadmarks, Place for yourself guideposts; Direct your mind to the highway, The way by which you went.”


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