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My momma and daddy always told me, “Deborah Jan, nothing’s worth having unless you have to work hard for it.”  I always hated to hear them say that, but now I know how right they were.  Doubly so when you’re working toward a goal of good health.

I received a great report from my oncologist last week – five years cancer free AND the doc took me off the estrogen inhibitor I had been taking.  Drug free is the goal.  But with every step forward it seems there is another step back.  My rheumatologist has put me on a new drug for my AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis, a fancy term for rheumatoid arthritis of the spine).  I’m dealing with some side effects from getting off one medication and adding another.  All this while I try to lose weight AND push myself to exercise.  I’m thankful I have an understanding husband who is also on his own road to health.

My journey is truly following a never-ending road.  My journey is also like a roller coaster.  Right now I’m pushing myself up that coaster inch by inch.  Boy will I be glad when I get to the peak so the trip down won’t be so hard.

Both medication changes have pretty much zapped my energy level.  With that said, I will be taking some time off from writing for awhile.  Each day, every day, I’m making a concerted effort to eat well, breathe well, move more, and drink plenty of water.  Change of habits are hard for this old lady.

You’ll hear from me again soon.  Wish me well!

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