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One year ago today I was at the hospital getting ready for major surgery.  A few weeks before I had been told I had breast cancer.  The surgery was to remove the cancer and find out the extent the “Big C” had taken in my body.  It was a tumultuous time.  Fortunately, the pathology report came back with miraculous results – no lymph nodes had been affected, and with the surgery no radiation or chemo was necessary.

Back then I was living day to day.  A year later I’ve retired from the corporate world, started a new career, written a book, working in a ministry, and seeking a deeper relationship with God and those He puts in my path.  My “tests” have made my “testimony” and every day my story grows to include yet another hurdle in my life that I can use to help someone else.

Each day of the year is made up of choices.  What to do, where to go, who to speak to, who not to speak to, what you say, whether to be alone with God or alone in a roomful of people.  But every day we have  an influence on ourselves and those who cross our paths through what we say and do or through what we choose not to say or do. These choices can make an insignificant day truly remarkable.  A year ago I wasn’t sure I’d be here today, but God is with me and at work in me.  If He’s worked in my life, He can and will work in your life, too.



If Christ is in you, though the body is dead because of sin, yet the spirit is alive because of righteousness.   Romans 8:10

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